Cash Tracking System Review – Don’t Let The Negative Comments Scam You…

So you’re looking at the cash tracking system wondering if this is a legitimate program that you can make some good cash with.

There is quite a bit of controversy on the net about this program as you’ll see by reading my initial review of it here.

After reading the many blog comments and speaking personally with many people who are in the Cash Tracking system, I’ve come to the conclusion that my initial review was very one-sided and that’s why I’m publishing this update.

As you are looking at this program, it’s important for you to see where the controversy is coming from and why people (like myself) might initially have some resistance to the idea.

It’s for that reason that I’m leaving the original article, along with the comments up and adding this addendum.

That being said, it’s important that you read how my thoughts have evolved concerning this program.

Many people tend to have a knee jerk reaction when looking at a new idea for the first time.

We all have beliefs within us, some which are in harmony with reality and many that aren’t.

We as humans judge everything we see based on those beliefs.

I wrote my initial review on the Cash Tracking system based on some beliefs I had which, after much thought may have been false beliefs.

For monetary transaction to be ethical, a product or service must be exchanged in return for the money given.

This is an interesting belief and one that’s pounded into our heads on many different fronts.  (Family, government, business leaders etc..)

This is one of the BIGGEST reasons some people resist The Cash Tracking system or Cash gifting in general.

So let’s take a look at this belief.

Is it really true that products or services must be exchanged in order for a monetary transaction to be considered ethical?

  • Churches don’t seem to think so in their acceptance of tithes and offerings from members.
  • Non profit organizations don’t seem to think so when they fund raise for their cause
  • Politicians don’t seem to think so when taking money from their constituents.

In all 3 of these examples, money is changing hands without a product or service being delivered.

Most people would consider every one of the above mentioned transactions to be honest and ethical transactions.

Does that mean non-profits and churches are being unethical?

Most thinking people would answer “no”.

It’s clear to see that the above mentioned belief  is false.

So  if money can exchange hands without a product or service being delivered and still be considered “ethical” what are the qualifications?

The one thing that each each of these aforementioned transactions have in common?

In each of the cases, the provider of the funds

  1. was completely aware that his/her money was going to the 2nd party…
  2. had an some idea as to what the money was going to be used for and felt good about that…
  3. knew that they would be getting no product or service in exchange for the money.

Does not The Cash Tracking System meet these exact qualifications?

People can get hurt financially with a $3,500 cash outlay and therefore the Cash Tracking System is bad.

Here is another belief was rooted deep within my subconscious mind.

Here are some things to consider…

  • Franchises cost hundreds and millions of dollars.  Are they bad?
  • Vehicles cost thousands of dollars – Are they bad?
  • The average family spends thousands of dollars on a vehicle AND pays interest for that vehicle – People can get hurt by spending that kind of money.. right?

As you can see, the belief that large cash outlays can hurt people and using that conclusion to dismiss the Cash Tracking System as a scam is an erroneous belief.

The Bottom Line On The Cash Tracking System

The reality is, people are making some serious amounts of tax free money using the cash tracking system.

It will take work and a certain skill set to make money with this system and there are no guarantees.

Who am I to say whether something is right or wrong?

All I can do is endeavor to understand things fully, make my own decisions and try to help others do the same.

I hope this article, as well as my previous article on the Cash Tracking System have helped you to understand both sides of the issue and make your own decision as to whether this is something you’d like to participate in.

In anything, full disclosure is key and as long as a fully consenting adult gets into the Cash Tracking System with the proper expectations – Is there really any harm in that?

If you do decide to get into CTS, it’s important that you have a mentor who is honest, ethical, talented and willing to coach you to success.

If you decide that the cash tracking system is right for you, let me know and I’d be happy to introduce you to just such a person.




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