One 24 is a revolutionary network marketing company that came on the scene in mid 2010.

Typically, this would be a company I’d stay away from for 1 reason – It’s a start up.

————-Important 2014 Update——————

One24 has officially gone out of business, which is why I said you typically want to stay away from startups.  :-)

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Notice I said “typically”?

One 24 is NOT your typical MLM company.

As a matter of fact, it’ could be argued that they are not an MLM company at all.

Mark Seyforth, the company’s founder calls it an “Incentivized referral plan“.


Old School MLMers just call it “The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”.  ;-)

What makes One 24 so unique and explosive?

What has caused over 40,000 people to jump on board this fast moving freight train in less than a year?

The answers might suprise you.

If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time, odds are you’ve run into 1 or 2 of the MLM booby traps that plague our industry.

  1. Overpriced products
  2. High start up costs
  3. Costly websites,
  4. Tricky compensation plans that reward only the “Hitter”
  5. Paychecks that are 100% based on your ability to recruit

One 24 can be considered a truly revolutionary company because it attempts to solve all of these problems and provide the average guy or gal with a REAL opportunity to retire in 12 to 24 months.

Let me show you what’s so special about One 24 and why it’s caught the attention of so many people.

  • Retention rate that’s almost “too unbelievable” to mention.
  • Recruiting program that’s built entirely on the human’s biggest motivation factor – “Fear Of Loss

One 24 Spin #1 – Income factor

One of the biggest reasons people “quit” the autoship is the fact that they don’t make any money.

People usually get going in MLM because they want to make money – NOT for the fabulous products.

It’s just a fact.

So here’s the problem… People either don’t stick with MLM long enough or maybe just don’t ever develop a knack for recruiting.

No recruting = No check

No check = quit that dang autoship expense

One 24 solves this problem in 2 major ways.

1)  The company puts every single person who joins the company after you.. in YOUR downline

And.. It’s SUPER easy to get paid on this business.  This makes it easy for the average person to get their autoship paid for.

Not only does that make the retention rate go through the roof, it also gets people excited to talk to their friends & further spurs the growth of the company.


2) The company allows non-recruiters to share the income of the recruiters

When you sign up in One 24 you get 1 green ticket a month which allows you to enroll 1 person from your waiting list each month.

What if you don’t use your green ticket?

Your green ticket turns into a Gold Ticket and is given to someone who knows how to recruit and sign up new customers.  You then will split the income generated from that gold ticket up to $100 per month.

If you sign up in One 24 and never recruit a soul but give all 24 of your green tickets to recruiters, you have the potential to earn $2,400 per month Just from that one portion of the comp plan.

What do you think that does for retention?

One 24 Spin #2 – Fear Of Loss factor

It’s common knowledge that people are motivated by “Fear Of Loss”.

One 24 uses this human nature to grow the business like crazy.


In order to join One 24 you must first go on a waiting list.  (Remember, each rep has only 1 green ticket)

People want what they can’t have so naturally, when you tell someone to “Check out the site & if you like what you see, I’ll put you on my waiting list” – They are going to be chomping at the bit to get involved.

It’s just human nature.

One 24 has one other genius piece built into the comp plan.  After you join, ever single person that joins the company is placed in a straight line below you.

My friend talked me into signing up about 2 months ago and I already have over 12,000 people in my downline.

When people join and immediately see paying customers in their downline… and that number continues to grow, will they ever want to cancel?

Not likely.

In conclusion, One 24 really is a brilliant plan.

It’s something you can do with minimal time invested and could quite possible produce a very nice retirement income over the next few months.

That being said, it’s important that you partner up with the right team.

Our One 24 team literally gives enrollments way in order to help incomes build faster and faster.




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