wanna look over my shoulder & see a video marketing cycle?

Hey fellow financial freedom loving friend!

I just completed a daily marketing cycle and thought you might like to see EXACTLY what I did.

This whole process takes about an hour to complete (Once you get the hang of it) and is VERY powerful.

Here are the steps…

1) Select a Keyword “Solavei”
2) Create a video, optimize and upload via process shared in this video…
3) Spin the article and past into wordpress blog to make your links back to your Youtube video….. Copy and past into a facebook note…
4) Re-spin and past your article back in your wordpress/empower network blog with links back to your Youtube video…

Hope this helps… Make it a goal to go through this process at least Once a day… after you get the hang of it… it should take you less than an hour per day.

Make it a great day everyone and NEVER give up on your dreams.

paul hutchingsPaul :-)


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