To Debt Or Not To Debt

This year, we finished out a development we’ve been working on for about 3 years.

We bought a house that was sitting on just over 3 acres, renovated the home, sold it and in the process, subdivided 2 1 acre lots and added 2 new rental properties.

This house was a total dog when we bought it but with a good amount of cash investment, sweat equity and persistence – we turned it into a beautiful home and I’m really proud of how it turned out for the family we sold it to. read more

‘Frugerity’ a new word, philosophy and model for making financial choices that lead to freedom

Last night I was on a mastermind and one of my great friends and business partners introduced me as one of the most frugal people he knows.

I was grateful for the compliment as I continued to listen to the mastermind and the more I listened and thought about this word, ‘frugal’, the more I realized that it doesn’t accurately describe the philosophy that our family has followed. read more