The Evil Nemesis Of Residual Income

Ever since I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad I’ve been on a quest to build,

  • Pipeline money
  • Residual income
  • AKA – Freedom Monday

This has been a decade + journey that has shown me much inside the home business beast.

1 ugly side you don’t learn about until after you’re in for a while is attrition.

The unfortunate fact that no matter how good your product or service, there will be a certain percentage who cancel. read more

It’s Bull Shi&*, Don’t Fall For It

I was listening to an audio the other day and the speaker expressed an idea I’ve heard tossed around from time to time in the marketing space.

The idea is that you should have an ever increasing funnel with higher and higher packages for people to buy.

Specifically, this speaker said – “If you don’t get people to a live event where you can sell them $25,000 to $50,000 packages, you’re leaving money on the table. read more

Lest We Forget

I got this note from a friend of mine who served in Vietnam. 

His name is Joe Perry and he runs a great, principle centered, network marketing company called NatraTech.

I thought it was a great message to pass along, especially today.  

As we prepare for this Memorial Day weekend, I just want to say thank you to all of you who have lost friends or loved ones while serving our great country. I know that I have lost a number of friends and don’t ever want to forget them and their sacrifice. I feel so blessed to be here myself, and live in this wonderful country where we are free to do so many things, including our NatraTech business. read more