Funny Home Business Story

There are so many hilarious things that have happened in my home business journey.

I remember one time my sponsor Dave Spaulding and I were on a company conference call and dave and I started making fun of something that was said when all of a sudden,

…we heard on the other end of the line,

The master distributor’s voice saying… “Dave!  Dave! Your line is unmuted.  We can hear you!”

ha ha..

Earlier today I went live in our private HBA Facebook group and I was giving invitations via facebook messenger Audio.

I noticed, as I was working through my list of contacts, that some of them had wished me happy birthday back in June, and I had missed the message.

So of course, I thanked them and proceeded to give the invitation.

Well, after I finished up today I was laying on my bed relaxing a bit when I remembered something.

About 6 months ago, one of my Facebook friends made a post that was about as follows.

“My happy birthday wishes to you are not an invitation for you to pitch me on your business.”

It just so  happened that this was one of the people I had given an invite to today AND his last message to me was “Happy Birthday.”

Oh boy.  ha ha..

Hope he can forgive me.  🙂