The Invisible Whip That Drives Results

Do you ever find yourself un motivated or maybe motivated inside and yet unable to get yourself to do the things you know you need to do?  What if there were a hidden or mis-utilized aspect of human nature that if properly understood could turn it all around?  Discover the Invisible Whip That Drives Results in the video below…

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I ‘Fell’ Off The Wagon?

This last week I enjoyed a glorious week of rest, recreation and freedom with my family in The Challis National Forest.

Even though we had no internet connection, I managed to keep some of my daily disciplines, like blogging & videos going thanks to the amazing power of automation.

One habit that struggled though, was my clean eating.

(yes, I’m working on losing my man belly again for the 3rd time.)  pray for me.  😉

In any case, I was watching my inner talk during this slip and noticed myself saying “I fell off the wagon.”

The more I thought about this language, the more I realized how disempowering it was.

Did I really fall off?

Did something externally force me off my discipline and onto the ground?


– >I < – jumped off the wagon.

I made the conscious decision that eating clean while camping, wasn’t something I wanted to do.

No one pushed me.

It wasn’t a rock in the path that bumped me off.

It was all me.

And if was all me who jumped off, it’s also me who has the power to jump back on, which I did yesterday.

The more we give our power away, the less we have.

Say it with me…

I am 100% responsible.

Jumping vs. Falling.

A little hinge of distinction that swings a big door of inner power for creating a better future.