My Favorite Subscribers

The truth is, I love anyone who opens my emails from time to time and trusts me enough to let me into their life.

But there are some, who write me back and let me know they’re listening.

Special shout out to…

LT Turner, Kristian Craige, Bill Moist, Sakshi Zion, Julie Lamont, Pastor Uzo, Wilton Perkins, Andrew Blaser, Brandon Falter – and all the others – who occasionally take the time to send me a note and let me know they’re listening. read more

Wisdom of The Heart

Yesterday as I was working on our families fix & flip,

Sidenote: Spray foam insulation & spray in ceiling insulation do not make good companions.

As you can see in this picture, I accidentally tarred & feathered myself. 🙂

Soaking the foam in Vaseline, wrapping my arms in plastic wrap and shaving my arm hairs eventually did the trick, but in the future, I think I’ll just wear a long sleeve shirt with my gloves instead. 🙂 read more