Sales Persistence Squared (For Networkers)

In the book Think And Grow Rich we hear the story of the successful insurance man who says he found success because he persisted in the sale after his prospects said no.

Of course, this is one form of persistence BUT, it’s not the only form and if you do this wrong, you’ll cause your prospect to not only hate network marketing – but maybe you as well. read more

Benefit Driven Communication

When you’re connecting with someone 1 on one, the secret to great results is to be others focused.

Ask questions, be interested, listen, occasionally express an honest and sincere compliment.

Like outlined here.

If you’re doing this to promote something, the goal is not to share benefits or (sell) what you’re doing at all. (yet) read more

30 Day Challenge For More Trust, Sales & Impact

Aside from one on one conversations with your prospects, videos are the next best thing for developing rapport and trust.

Daily videos can help you get your face, voice & value in front of your audience consistently so they get to know, like & trust you over time.

When it comes time to make a purchase decision – all the valuable videos you’ve shared with your audience can really help to stack the odds in your favor. read more