5 Things You Can Do To Be More Like Billionaire Elon Musk

Wallace Wattles writes in his book 'The Science Of Getting Rich', that wealthy people think and act in certain ways.  I've been a believer that if we can learn to think and act in those ways, we can duplicate wealthy results in our lives.  In this video I share 5 big takeaways from chapter 1 of Elon Musk's Biography.  These are useful things we can model in our own lives to get get better results.  Watch the video below if you'd like to check them out.

You Don’t Belong

My son Camden is 12 and one of 4 boys in our family.

One of the things I’ve noticed in him is a great desire to be included with and approved of by his older brother.

We just finished up a week long camping trip and one of the most memorable moments was when, one evening, his older brother came to inform him that they had moved Camden’s stuff out of the tent they had been sleeping in to make room for a cousin who had just arrived to the reunion. read more

A Leadership Lesson From My First Six Figure Mentor

The man you see in the center of his photo is Dr. Fran Clark and he is the guy, who mentored me to my first six figures in network marketing.

Yesterday, he made his transition from this life to the next.

The morning I found out he had been diagnosed with cancer and only had a short time to live, I drove to my local internet cafe where I do my books each Saturday morning, sat in my car and cried over a list of gratitude I’d made – each item on the list being a reason I was thankful Dr. Fran had come into my life. read more