Lasting Leadership

John Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

‘But how to influence?’ asks the sincere and questioning soul.

Many tools stand ready for deployment.

Authority, manipulation, dollars in a bank account or on an income shot.

Indeed yes, forms of influence –  and yet how fickle and fleeting they seem to be. read more

The Leadership Omnipotence Fallacy

Just because one has a few things figured out, doesn’t mean one has all things figured out.

Nevertheless, it seems the tendency to assume, that when a person makes some money, obtains a degree, or writes a book, they become experts in all things concerning the lives of others.

“I’m successful in business therefore, I have all the solutions for your challenges in life, listen to exactly what I say or suffer” says the self righteously “Omnipotent” leader. read more