Marketing & Branding For Home Biz Pros – Demystified

Over the years I’ve heard more than one leader say “We discourage marketing, branding, lead gen, etc. – because it’s not duplicate-able.”

I get it.  You want to teach people to do things that are simple in the hopes that they’ll sponsor more customers & reps.

Relationship, invitations, relationship, invitations – rinse and repeat because it’s simple and it works. read more

Free Logo Maker

Although probably not 100% necessary for building a business from home, logos can be a powerful piece to your marketing.

They can cast an umbrella of meaning over everything you do so that when people see your logo, they instantly think of what it means to do business with you.

Think of Apple & that simple, clean, elegant piece of fruit with the bite in the side. read more

You Inc.

If I took the time to tell you about every,

  • Compensation plan change I’ve been through
  • Customer killing product goof up I’ve witnessed
  • Or income destroying decision that’s been made by company leadership over the years

This would not be a brief post.

One way I’ve chosen to insulate myself from some of these negative affects both now and in the future, is to build the You Inc. business model.

This just means you build your brand, your value, your following and your trust in the market place first, read more