The Dangers Of High Ticket Sales In The Home Business Space

I’ll never forget reading that email.

She was a retired school teacher who had been working on building an extra income for herself and her husband so they could get out of debt and live life more comfortably.

She had been a part of a company I was in.

My heart ached for her as she related her story of racking up $50,000 in credit card debt so she could ‘buy all the products‘ and ‘go to all the events.’ read more

Top Lessons From Sponsoring 128 New Customers In 10 Days

So this last week has been crazy!

Together, as a company – we’ve sponsored 128 new customers in 10 days and the sales don’t seem to be slowing down at all, despite the fact that our promotion ended last Friday.

In fact, just yesterday 14 new customers joined!

Check it out..

This is the most explosive growth we’ve had since we started our company over 2 years ago and of course, I’m SOOOOOO super excited about it. read more

Use The Tool, Don’t Be The Tool

A friend of mine shared a YouTube video with me a few days that contained a secret of how to better manage your social media profile to make Facebook work for you instead of the other way around.

(I’ll post the video down below in case you want to see it)

Here was the secret.

An expert said something like  “When you post a profile pic update, Facebook controls which of your friends see it and therefore, can drip the pic out to your friends over an extended period of time so that the new likes and comments keep you coming back over and over again.” read more