How I Sponsored A New Customer Last Night With A Simple Facebook Post

Last night on our weekly Premium ‘Inner Circle’ mastermind, my business partner shared a tip about how important it is to use excitement when telling people about things you’re promoting.

While he was talking I figured I would implement what he was teaching while he was teaching it.

This is a great tip from one of my old mentors – he used to say… “Learn, do, teach – all at the same time.” read more

Top Lessons From Sponsoring 128 New Customers In 10 Days

So this last week has been crazy!

Together, as a company – we’ve sponsored 128 new customers in 10 days and the sales don’t seem to be slowing down at all, despite the fact that our promotion ended last Friday.

In fact, just yesterday 14 new customers joined!

Check it out..

This is the most explosive growth we’ve had since we started our company over 2 years ago and of course, I’m SOOOOOO super excited about it. read more

This Does Not Work

I had a great phone conversation yesterday with a successful friend of mine and we talked for an hour without pitching each other on anything.


Because relationships matter.

Relationships are an investment for the future that can have returns far greater than any short-term commission.

We talked about how so many in sales & network marketing seem to be skipping right over, would could be the most valuable step to building a great income from home – in a frenzied effort to pitch the world. read more