Good Bye Facebook & Twitter, Sort Of…

I’ve been frustrated with Facebook and Twitter over the last couple months.

My main frustration is seeing them block or censor people’s content. It doesn’t feel right to me, that Facebook or Twitter or the government, should be able to control what people say or don’t say.

I realize, however, that this a complicated issue.

John Stuart Mills in ‘On Liberty‘ argues that when it comes to actions that affect oneself and oneself alone, the individual is sovereign.

But when a person’s actions begin to endanger others, this then is the time when society has a right to impinge upon a person’s liberty. read more

📌 6 Keys 🔑 For Creating Magnetic Content..

#JimRohn said, “You get paid💸 for bringing value to the marketplace.”

You hear leaders say it all the time.

Deliver value, deliver value, deliver value!


(Hint: pitch, pitch, pitch is NOT value)

Value is when 2 people come together and at least one of them leaves feeling better, more uplifted, smarter, more inspired for the interaction.

Something from 1 soul – jumped into the other soul💫 – and lit a fire🔥made a deposit, invested a little something.

But let’s be more specific shall we?

Here’s a simple formula to help us remember.

We call this the R.E.E.L.I.E formula.

R – Results 🕺 – (every once in a while sharing a result that someone else might want to achieve is value because it can inspire.

E – Education 📚 – Teach something. Simple. “How to”, “3 steps to..” “A simple secret for… “, “How I….” “How you can…” Etc…

E – Entertainment 😂 – Tell a joke, a story, sing a song, help the other person step out of life’s problems, concerns, worries and hurts for just a few minutes. Do that, and you’ve delivered some great value.

L – Lifestyle 💁‍♂️ – Share some cool things from your life. (Careful this does not come across as bragging.) On social media – people want to know who you are, what you do, who you hang with and how you spend your time.

I – Inspiration ❤️💫– Who can really put this into words? I don’t know. It’s when something you say inspires a spark from the infinite to light a fire of optimism deep down into the core of another human. Something that makes us feel – “wow.. there IS meaning and purpose to what we’re doing and why we’re here.”

“I’m special – I can do it… I’m reaching for the stars and beyond.”

I don’t know that you can plan this – best advice I can give is to work hard to grow your mind – take action – make honest decisions and then pay attention to those rare thoughts that seem to come from a higher place.

Like a shooting star 🌟 across your mind.

Get one of those – BOOM – that’s inspiration – share it.

E – Engagement 🤼‍♀️– People get great value from talking and listening – engaging with each other… You know this when you reflect back on those deep and fun conversations you’ve have with some of your favorite people on the most interesting conversations.

See if you can translate this to social media and/or content creation.

How can you get people talking and sharing their thoughts about meaningful things – that’s engagement. 👊

Hope these tips help you create and deliver more massive value to the market place so you can earn more and BE FREE!

How Often Should I Post On Facebook

In yesterday’s post we learned that tips are tips, not commandments.

That being said, here are some things I’ve noticed about posting on Facebook that might help, if you’re wanting to get more engagement, make more sales and earn more income.

When you make a post – Facebook seems to put your post in the newsfeed and show it to a few people.

If it starts to catch on – the algorithm will then show it to more and more people.

Let’s say you have a post that gaining momentum.

What happens when you make another post?

You’re now competing against yourself for space in the newsfeed.

With that realization – I’ve come to believe that, as a home business owner – it’s better to post less and engage more.

If you post less – and spend more time in the chat box having conversations – not only will this likely lead to more sales, it will also improve your engagement dramatically.

When Facebook sees you chatting with someone, they will assume you are more closely connected and show that person more of your posts.

If you actually have a relationship with that person – and they like you – they are far more likely to engage with your posts when they see them.