Marketing & Branding For Home Biz Pros – Demystified

Over the years I’ve heard more than one leader say “We discourage marketing, branding, lead gen, etc. – because it’s not duplicate-able.”

I get it.  You want to teach people to do things that are simple in the hopes that they’ll sponsor more customers & reps.

Relationship, invitations, relationship, invitations – rinse and repeat because it’s simple and it works. read more

A Leadership Lesson From My First Six Figure Mentor

The man you see in the center of his photo is Dr. Fran Clark and he is the guy, who mentored me to my first six figures in network marketing.

Yesterday, he made his transition from this life to the next.

The morning I found out he had been diagnosed with cancer and only had a short time to live, I drove to my local internet cafe where I do my books each Saturday morning, sat in my car and cried over a list of gratitude I’d made – each item on the list being a reason I was thankful Dr. Fran had come into my life. read more

A $2,500 Dollar Day & Some Home Biz Tips To Help You On Your Way

So one of the things I try not to do too much is share income results.  I think it can be distasteful and detracts from a message of value that people need to be able to grow and duplicate whatever results you might be sharing with them.

That being said, the catch 22 is that so many people are driven and inspired by results and if you don’t share them every once in a while, people may wonder whether or not they should listen to what you have to teach. read more