Marketing & Branding For Home Biz Pros – Demystified

Over the years I’ve heard more than one leader say “We discourage marketing, branding, lead gen, etc. – because it’s not duplicate-able.”

I get it.  You want to teach people to do things that are simple in the hopes that they’ll sponsor more customers & reps.

Relationship, invitations, relationship, invitations – rinse and repeat because it’s simple and it works. read more

Some Things I’m Pumped About

So it’s Saturday morning and I woke up around 5:50, my mind racing and alive with ideas as I prepare for the gym.

One of my old friends, (Todd Young – a great networker), used to say there are 3 steps to success in business.

  1.  Get Excited
  2. Get excited
  3. Get excited!

I really love that advice and one of the things I LOVE about building a business from home is that, for the most part, if we’re doing things right, we get to live in a state of enthusiasm most of the time. read more