5 Things You Can Do To Be More Like Billionaire Elon Musk

Wallace Wattles writes in his book 'The Science Of Getting Rich', that wealthy people think and act in certain ways.  I've been a believer that if we can learn to think and act in those ways, we can duplicate wealthy results in our lives.  In this video I share 5 big takeaways from chapter 1 of Elon Musk's Biography.  These are useful things we can model in our own lives to get get better results.  Watch the video below if you'd like to check them out.

The Truth About The News

It’s not all bad, but much of it is.

Here are 2 acronyms for the N.E.W.S that I find, helps to describe it in a mostly, accurate way.

Negative Energy Warping Society 

Negative Emotional Warfare System 

The former, from me, the latter from my wife Corene.

Everyone has an agenda, the question is – are you spending most of your time wrapped up in someone else’s story, or in creating your own? read more