Science Of Getting Rich Revised & Updated

For the last 9 years, I’ve been studying an interesting book in a cyclical rotation on our morning mastermind.

It’s called The Science of Getting Rich.

This book has helped me to cultivate a prosperity consciousness and has influenced my current philosophy in helpful ways.

  • It’s helped me to believe that, contrary to popular opinion, building a life of wealth might actually be in alignment with God’s will vs. against it.
  • It’s helped me to be continually reminded of the power of vision.
  • It’s also helped me to know that as I accumulate prosperity – it’s imperative that I deliver more in use value than I take from the market in cash value.

One of my favorite quotes from this book is… read more

Goals [Optional] ?

While I was on vacation last week I got through most of a Wayne Dyer book called “Your Sacred Self.”

(A really great book btw)

There’s a part in the book where Dr. Dyer invites the reader to re-consider commonly held beliefs – aka ‘conventional wisdom.’

One of those beliefs is that goals are essential for success. read more

The Real MVP

I bought something through a friend a while back.

After my purchase, I noticed this guy bent over backward helping me get things rolling with my new product.

He would get on video chats & phone calls to help me.

He would answer questions I had.

He was totally available.

This person also happened to be a top earner in the home business profession who had refined a unique recruiting method. read more