Lessons From Lava

This last weekend we met up with some friends of ours in Lava Hot Springs.

If you ever come to Idaho, Lava is a great place to visit.

It’s a little resort town that has

  • natural hot pools
  • a great swimming facility with diving boards and super fun slides for the kids.
  • a small river  you can float with tubes
  • great trout fishing in nearby Chesterfield reservoir

We had a great time with our fellow #FreedomCrusading friends Rob and Kimberly Skinner and their son Levi.

Rob and Kimberly are currently building a network marketing company and having tons of success. read more


If you just want to make a sale, culture doesn’t matter.

If you want to create a real change, movement and/or residual income that lasts far off into the future, culture matters.

I define culture as the glue that holds people together.

But it does more than that.

It helps create an army of people reinforcing harmoniously the message that makes the difference. read more