Ignite Scam Or Income Energizer?

Ignite is the marketing arm of stream energy (a power company) and is based in Texas. Because they chose to use network marketing as their distribution model, many have jumped to the conclusion that there is an ignite scam. Is there?

Ignite has had incredible success in marketplace hitting 800 million in revenues their first year. They are truly a modern day pioneer being the first electricity and gas provider to offer services through the network marketing/mlm distribution model. Government officials and lawmakers alike are in complete agreement that MLM is a legitimate business model as long as there is a product or service sold in exchange for the money collected. read more

Kirby Scam Or Dirt Destroying Dynamo

Is there really a Kirby Scam?  I mean, c’mon… These guys have been in business over 90 years.  Would they still be in business if they were scamming people?  But wait, there are a TON of complaints online claiming just that.  So what’s the truth?

In order to understand the real situation with all the complaints out there on the internet, we have to understand where they are coming from and the rationale behind them. read more

Amega Global Scam Or Mega Magic Money Maker

Is there an Amega Global Scam?  You’re about to find out.

I first heard about Amega Global on webinar.  I was listening to one of the top internet marketers laugh about how one of his team members had left him to go and sell magic wands.  I must admit, I laughed too.  I mean, what’s the network marketing industry going to come up with next, right? read more