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Here’s a list of my favorite internet marketing tools. I hope you like them and feel free to share any of your favorites in the comments below.

For Planning My Day

One of my best friends designed an app that not only lets you create digital ‘to do‘ lists so you can stay on track and reward yourself by checking each item off as you complete it…

It also let’s you build out a digital dream board which is GREAT for motivation.

There’s a bunch of other cool features with this like journaling, affirmations and morning routine – and it’s a steal of a deal for $5 a month. I am an affiliate for this and I use this app every, single day.

Here’s the link to check it out and even sign up for a free trial to test it out.

For Posting On Multiple Social Media Accounts With One Step

Buffer‘ and ‘Agora Pulse‘ are both free apps you can use to make one post, and have it published on your Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter – all at the same time. These are both free if that’s all you need and I’m not an affiliate for them. πŸ™‚

For Creating Cool Quote Images

WordSwag is my go to app for this. It’s a few bucks (not an affiliate) but love and use this tool a TON

For Domain Names And WordPress Hosting

This is my favorite place to get domains because you can usually get them for less than offered on Godaddy (and the yearly renewals don’t increase in price every year like they usually do if your buy your domain elsewhere) PLUS you get 99 free forwarding email addresses with each domain purchase here.

You can also get self hosted WordPress blog hosting that’s optimized specifically to run on WordPress which is what this blog – and every other blog I’ve created over the last 10 years has run on.

This is a Godaddy reseller account that my business partner and I set up so we could set the price as low as possible, so you get the same service and product as you’d get at GoDaddy for less money and more cool stuff.

For Building Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Funnels and Membership Sites

The HBA Funnel Builder is my FAVORITE tool for building beautiful capture pages, funnel pages, websites, membership sites and more (complete with done for you templates) all for just $25 a month (and pays $20 residuals per referral). (yes, of course I’m an affiliate) πŸ˜‰

Use this link to sign up and send me an email afterward (paul@paulhutchings.net) and get some cool bonuses.


GetResponse is the the ‘one tool to rule them all‘ that allows me to send mass emails and serve my list of AWESOME subscribers with the click of a button. You can get a free account for 30 days by using this link.

For Building Lists And Mass Broadcasting Via Text

I still love email, but texts get a MUCH higher deliver and open rate and that’s why I decided to start building a Text list along side my email list.

This is my favorite texting platform because it allows me to send automatic texts to my opt in subscribers and even easily chat with them one on one or send out mass broadcasts.

I like this platform because it does everything I need it to do but without a high monthly cost. It allows you to pay as you go and you can get started for as little as $10.

For An INSANE Amount Of Facebook Automation

This tool blows my mind in more ways than one.

Imagine this.

You (or even one of your new team members) decides they want to invite some of their friends on Facebook to look at a business or a product but – don’t want to send the invite to ALL the friends (just the ones you pre-select) – and would prefer to do it automatically with the click of a button.

This tool does that, AND even includes the friends first name in the message for personalization so it seems like you are sending out personal invitations one by one by one.

But really, what you did, was click start – and the Robot sent all the invitations for you, while you were spending time with the kids or doing something else.

When you come back to check your facebook account, you noticed a flood of inbox messages from people saying… “Sure, I’m open – send it over” and some saying “Not for me right now” so you can just start getting your link to the right ones.

I tested a tool like this a few weeks ago that cost $250 a month and I was BLOWN AWAY at the power. It helped me to generate $600 in commissions my first week using it.

Imagine how excited I was when I found this tool that does that – and MUCH more – even making it possible to generate brand new, targeted leads each and every day using your Facebook profile – for a FRACTION of the cost.

You can bet your bottom dollar that I’m an affiliate for this tool and if you decide to check it out and buy it from my link below – I have a special bonus for you. The exact scripts I use with this tool to send automatic invitations and follow up with prospects, so you can cut and paste effective words to help you with your recruiting.

Here’s the link to take a peek, and if you decide you want it – be sure to send me an email at Paul@PaulHutchings.net so I can send you your special bonus.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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