Wordweaving The Science of Suggestion By Trevor Sylvester: CliffNotes Summary (part 1)

I can’t give you a PDF on WordWeaving, The Science of Suggestion, but I can give you my summary notes.

Here are my notes summarizing pages 1 – 19.

This is a book written by a professional hypnotherapist named Trevor Sylvester. The goal of this book is to teach one how to use the power of words to direct language in a way that creates an effect in the mind of oneself or others, producing a change. Specifically, the language intervention can do two things: shift the focus or change the meaning of something in a person’s conscious or unconscious reality. read more

HBA Funnel Builder VS Click Funnels: Which Page Builder Is Right For You?

Remember that awkward middle school dance where you stood by the punch bowl, wishing you had the moves (and the guts) to strut across the floor? Yeah, online marketing without a good page builder can feel a lot like that – all potential, zero pizazz.

Sure, you might squeeze out a sale or two with elbow grease and grit, but crafting truly magnetic landing pages that draw in leads and make your commissions sing? You’d need duct tape, a prayer, and maybe a time machine back to when disco was cool. read more