A Better Goal

It’s tempting to want to get to the top and be seen and cheered by the world.

It happened for Jim Carrey & you know what he said?

Even with the millions of dollars and the millions of fans, he found himself alone, depressed and defeated inside.

Maybe a different kind of goal can bring a different kind of result.

Yesterday I made a special trip to see a friend.

A long drive, out of the blue to see someone I appreciate.

He sent me this.



I made a difference, and it felt great.

Another example from a product we created.


We may not be “on top” for sales of this product,

…haven’t sold millions yetbut we have sold a few and we are making a difference.

  • Inspire a change
  • touch a heart
  • lift a spirit…

All great ways to make a difference, find lasting fulfillment and be on top, without being on top.

A better goal.