The Magician’s Dirty Trick

So check this out.

In America the Average cost of a home is $417,701.91. The current rate of interest on a mortgage is 7.62%. The average hourly wage is $29.81 per hour.

When a person sits down to get a home loan, this is roughly what they’ll see.

These are lies.

When I first started in entrepreneurship, I joined a direct sales debt elimination company. For over a year, I worked tirelessly—going door to door, making phone calls, conducting meetings, and even renting hotel space for presentations—without earning a single dollar. read more

Money, Conspiracy, A.I. & The Quest For Freedom & Truth…

This last week I published an interesting blog post about a book that was very instumental in how I understand, view and use money.

I also mentioned it on one of our morning Grow Rich Mastermind calls.

A few days later, a friend and fellow host of our call, brought up the book I’d shared and as she was talking about it said that “It was written by a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and that we may want to take the content it contains with a grain of salt.” read more