The System Is Out To Get You (This is not a joke)

What if slavery had not been abolished but instead underwent a transformation?

Imagine a scenario where, slavery was universal and ever-present but remained hidden and unrecognizable.

People could be walking around thinking, speaking, and behaving as if they were free, all the while living within a system of slavery that they didn’t even know existed.

Would you wanna take the red pill or the blue pill to discover what’s really going on?

The goal of this post, is to be a bit of a red pill for those who decide to take it seriously and pay attention.

If you’re already familiar with some of this information, it can serve as a great review and help stoke the fire of freedom within you.

If this is new to you, it has the potential to flip your worldview upside down. This can be disconcerting at first but incredibly empowering after you see reality for what it is.

First, 2 quick stories…

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were shopping for two large purchase items: a new camper trailer and a new diesel pickup truck.

Since we discovered the information contained in this post many years ago, we knew the system was out to get us, and had already equipped ourselves to fight back in the best ways we knew how.

One of those ways is to always purchase things we want with cash rather than going into debt.

So, we went shopping for these new items as cash buyers.

When we met with the camp trailer salesperson, she asked us how we would be paying for the purchase.

We told her ‘cash.’

It was like she didn’t hear us at all.

Over and over again, she kept mentioning what the trailer would cost if we financed it.

She said things like, ‘Oh, this extra feature on this trailer will only add about $30 a month to your payment.

‘Oh, this extra $10,000 will only make your payment around $200 a month.’

LADY, I thought to myself, we told you we were gonna pay with cash. Why do you keep talking about the financing?”

It was slightly maddening to me and i couldn’t understand why this was happening until I remembered….

The system is out to get you.

Next experience.

We told the salesperson at the dealership that had the truck we wanted, we were gonna pay cash for the truck.

Again and again he asked us “Are you sure you don’t wanna finance it?”

‘No, we’d rather pay cash,’ we politely told him.

We then got to the negotiation stage of the transaction, and they offered to lower the price of the vehicle by a couple of thousand dollars.

AGAIN he asked, ‘Would you like to finance this purchase?’

I finally caved and said ‘Is there any benefit to us in financing it? For example, can you lower the price of the vehicle even more?’

He said they could reduce the price by another $500.

I knew it was likely that the cost of the loan, origination fee, monthly interest payments (or both), would be more than the $500 discount.

I brought that up, and he assured me that we would save more on the discount than we would spend on the finance costs.

Finally, we agreed to finance the purchase with the intention of paying it off with the cash we had in the bank ASAP.

We moved on to the next part of the transaction, which was to meet with the guy who was gonna run our credit & set us up with the financing, and yes, of course, try to sell us some extra warranty stuff.

He was super nice, but while he was going over the finance details, I pulled out the calculator on my phone and quickly realized that the finance costs were gonna be over $1,500.

That’s definitely more than the $500 we were supposed to save.

I told him what I was thinking, and he agreed to lower the interest rate and reduce the duration we were committed to keep the loan from five months to three months, which ended up making the deal a little better from our side.

At the end of the day, though, it seems like it’ll be about a wash, or maybe we’ll end up saving a couple of hundred dollars.

This had me thinking, ‘What was the point of this? Why didn’t we just pay in cash?’

The answer?

The system was out to get us, and it got us.

It seems like everyone, every company, and every purchase process is designed to get you.

Get you how?

Get you in debt, so you can be making monthly payments and be enslaved to financial institutions for as long as possible.

Many years ago, I was living in a single-wide mobile home and began to learn about money, debt, and interest because I didn’t wanna be a slave my entire life.

I wanted to get out of the rat race as fast as possible, and I figured that the more I understood money, the better equipped I’d be to win the game.

There seem to be 2 important keys to winning the money game.

First: knowing how the game is played.

Second: Having the ‘why’ (or motivation) to play the game well, to win it.

Early on, I read a book that helped me tremendously with both of these aspects.

The book is called ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island.

It offers a nontraditional (but seemingly very accurate) view of the origin and rise of the Federal Reserve System.

I was completely shocked when I read this book, and am re-shocked every time I review the information it contains.

In my studies I’ve been saddened at how pervasive and universal slavery has been throughout humanity’s recorded history.

I’m currently reading a book by Will Durant detailing the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and one of the first things I noticed is that slavery was present right from the start.

This is an awful practice in my view, and I’m for abolishing slavery in all of its forms.

Thankfully, it seems, as humanity has increased in enlightenment, the habit of physically enslaving one human to another has decreased.

This, of course, is a good thing, but the question I posed at the start of this post remains…

What if slavery is still alive but has cloaked itself in a way where most people don’t even recognize it as slavery?

If I’m forced to work every day of my life to pay down debt and interest to fat cats on Wall Street or the government, am I not still enslaved in some way?

Of course, the conditions generally are far better today than they’ve been in the past, and, by and large we seem to enjoy more relative freedom in this new system.

But the question remains: If we are forced to work, indefinitely without much choice in the matter, isn’t this still a form of slavery?

Back to ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island‘…

This behemoth of a book weights in at around 600 pages and I’ve stopped expecting that people will take time out of their busy day to read it.

There are other ways to get the information, and I want to make sure I do my best to get this information to you in a way that is easily consumable.

Before I give you a very important video that I hope you’ll take the time to watch, let me give you a few teasers as to why I believe this is very important and worth your time.

Let’s imagine you have a mortgage or a credit card bill that you’ve used to borrow money for important things for your family.

You borrow this money honestly with the full intent of paying it back because it’s right to pay back money that you’ve borrowed from another human being, isn’t it?

What if you were to learn that the money you borrowed was created out of thin air?

In other words, what if the banker you got the money from opened a game of Monopoly and gave you play money that you were able to use, but then had to pay back with REAL money PLUS interest paid in REAL MONEY that cost your your time, sweat, brainpower, and physical labor?

Would this seem fair to you?

Is it right that certain people, in our world, can have access to an unlimited checkbook that contains unlimited magic money that they can use to create money whenever they want WITHOUT having to work or create value for it?

As if that weren’t crooked enough, would it be right for those same people to loan us this “fake money” and then require us to pay it back with HUGE amounts of interest (often times equaling double or triple the original amount borrowed) – that we had to work and spend the days of our lives for?

Oh, and what if these same people who were creating the magic money made it against the law for us to get money in the same ways they were getting it?

In other words, if any of us ‘normal’ people were to model their ‘secret money getting strategy’ we’d be thrown in prison…

How would you feel about that?

Surely this can’t be how it works.

What if I was to tell you that yes, indeed, this is how the money system works, and that it’s even worse than that?

How would this affect your desire to borrow money and pay interest on it?

And I guess that’s the point.

When I discovered this information years ago, I was instantly struck by the extreme injustice of it all and was filled with a newfound burning desire to pull myself out of the shady game as fast as possible.

This system was crooked and dishonest, and I did not want my family to be enslaved for a lifetime, simply to pay interest on monopoly money so that others, who added zero value to the equation, could enjoy wealth from my hard-earned labor.

And this, in my opininion, is the biggest reason to become aware of this information.

Many people say they want to get out of debt, and many even realize doing is is the smartest thing they could do.

Despite these logical desires and understandings the system is rigged and set up to from start to finish to ‘get us at every turn.

To truly escape the miserable clutches of debt slavery, it takes more than an intellectual understanding…

Yes, of course, understanding is helpful and necessary, but for me, I had to get my heart and soul into the fight.

When you realize that there is indeed a metaphorical evil supervillain, out to enslave you, your family, and everyone you love, a fire begins to burn that’s hard to contain.

This is the type of motivation you need to make the right financial choices over long periods of time.

You’ve got to have a sense of ‘sticking it to the bad guys‘ driving you.

A sense that you’re ‘fighting the good fight‘ and serving justice, honor, integrity and freedom for humanity.

You make the fight bigger than you… bigger than saving some cash on interest payments…

You realize that this is much bigger than you and you decide to commit to something bigger than yourself.

Your realize the choosing to get out of debt and stay out of debt isn’t just for you and your family…

Heck you might even say it’s a small piece of the larger battle of good and evil.

When you begin to feel this deep in your bones and your very soul begins to sizzle – Now, you’re tapping into the crusader spirit that can help you do what it takes to be free.

This information helped to fuel the fire and fan the flame of freedom deep within me, and I believe it can do the same for you.

Thanks for reading & watching.

I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me down below.

To freedom and beyond,


PS: If you’re fired up like me after consuming this information and truly ready to step up your game as a freedom crusader, here are some simple steps we can all take to make a difference…

  1. Get out of debt as fast as possible and stay out of debt. Debt is the tool of the enemy and as long as we’re in debt, we are in control of the enemy. I was able to do this and I believe you can too. I just takes focus, determination and persistence. If you want some tips on how to do this, consider going through a product I helped create called The Financial Literacy Academy. Best way to see this and pick it up for a 50% discount is to join me in business here.
  2. While you’re getting out of debt, build your residual cash flow as fast as possible. Once again, the company I co-founded is designed to help you do this in a revolutionary way by paying 80% commissions on every referral. I highly recommend you take a close look if you haven’t already done so. You can learn about it in the link I put in step 1 or you can even see a live presentation of it here.
  3. While you’re growing your cash flow and eliminating debt, STOP BUYING expensive things you don’t need. I lived in a trailer and was proud of it because we knew we were saving money to get out of debt ASAP. Owning things to impress others is a fools errand and most don’t realize that it’s a fool doing the impressing and running the errand. Learn to take pride in ownership and equity – reguardless of what the car or house looks like. The ‘Joneses‘ don’t give a rip about your future and their shallow ‘approval‘ of what you drive or live in will give you no comfort in poverty, which is where a life of debt actually leaves you.
  4. Surround yourself with people who actually care about helping you and will continue to support you, educate you, inspire you and celebrate you on this journey to freedom. Yes, these are the ‘weird’ ones but they are the ones you need in order to do something ‘weird’ and unfortunately, in today’s society and culture, being debt-free, self reliant and FREE is weird. This community was created for exactly this purpose and you can attend our free conference calls every single day – at no charge. It will help you stay on track and stay focused over the journey and believe me, you need to stay on track and focused because THE SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO GET YOU and IT WON’T STOP COMING for you. We are here to help you. We are the resistance and i’m inviting you to join us.
  5. Ask me any questions you have here and I’m happy to address them in a future piece of content.

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