A Key To REAL Transformation (I can’t believe this…)

I still can’t believe I’m posting this online, but the truth is, the lesson here is way more important than any embarrassment I might feel for putting this live on the internet.

When I bought my guitar back in high school, I never imagined myself playing and singing in front of anyone, let alone friends or a live audience.

Especially when you consider the fact that I’ve not put any serious amount of time or effort into it, ever.

I’ve gone years without playing… Most years I pick it up a few times at most.

I’ve never played a song all the way through, let alone sing a song with the guitar all the way through.

Standing in front of a live audience and playing was a true breakthrough transformation experience for me.

What caused this strange and mysterious event to occur at our magical Freedom Fest event in Phoenix Arizona a few weeks ago?

What mystical power gave me the strength and courage to shake off my fear, anxiety and worry over what others might think of me, and just do it?

2 things.

1 – The incredible Amy Starr Allen

She challenged me and told me she knew I could do it.

You can do anything in 10 months,” she said.

When I gave just a little bit of effort, she encouraged me and breathed life into me.
This gave me the belief, courage and inspiration to keep going.

This NEVER would have happened without Amy’s leadership and friendship.

2 – I was stepping out on the water, in faith for this experience, in front of a group of people who love me and believe in me.

These are people who ALWAYS lift others up, and never tear anyone down.

This gave me the confidence to try this new thing in my life.

It was like I was wrapped in a warm safety blanket, and no matter how it turned out, everything was going to be ok.

This is the power of surrounding yourself people who challenge you, love you, believe in you, encourage you and lift you up – always.

These types of environments and people encourage you to reach higher, and often, latch onto things you never even would have considered grabbing, without their influence.

I may not go onto be the next Andy Grammar or start the next Mumford And Sons band… But one things for sure, I’m a changed man from this experience and will never, ever, ever – underestimate the power of the right associations and influence in life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Amy Starr Allen for believing in me guiding me to reach higher.

And thank you, thank you, thank you to my Freedom Crusading family for always being their with open arms, to catch me in case I fall.

This gives me the continual courage to keep jumping.

Paul Hutchings

PS – You can watch the video here if you want.

PPS – Truth is, the people on the other side of our company join page are the real reason I invite people to look at our business and consider filling out the form to get started, nearly each and every day of my life.

They are magical, mystical, uplifting and inspiring like no other group I’ve ever experienced. They have and continue to change me for the better, and the next level of life and business, always requires change.

And this, is indeed, a real key for transformation. Yes you can change on your own, but it’s easier to keep the good thing going, for the long haul, when you’re constantly surrounded by people who inspire you and cheer you on.

If you’re open to taking a look at the business we created to see if joining us on our mission to be the change we wish to see in the world,

…and create as much freedom through principle centered leadership as we possibly can,
Just watch the video above, and follow the instructions at the end.

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