Procard International, Revealed.

Procard International is company that’s been around about a decade & they’ve got a great history in the market place.

They market a card, a membership card that allows you to get discounts on vision, prescription, dental and physician visits.

The membership will cost you about $20 to get set up and then after that there is a monthly subscription fee from anywhere from $26 to $32 dollars per month.

The higher membership level includes physician visits.  The lower membership level includes vision, dental, prescription with no physician benefits. read more

Watch Out For Dark Side Of MLM

Multi level marketing or network marketing is the best thing since sliced bread right?

I mean who wouldn’t want to draw residual income 24/7 while sipping fruit juice from a coconut on a beach in Hawaii?

Who wouldn’t want an army of sales reps bringing in an endless supply of cash producing customers each and every day without ever having to lift a finger? read more

4 Agreements That Will Transform Your Life

Ok.. So I recently read a book called “The 4 Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Although I wouldn’t say I completely agreed with everything written in the book, the 4 main points are extremely powerful and can literally transform the way we look at the world.  As a result you can achieve much greater peace and happiness by following these “4 Agreements”.
1.  Be Impeccable With Your Word
This book defines “impeccable” as being “without sin”.  It further goes on to explain that to “sin” is to “go against yourself.”  To be impeccable with your word means that you don’t say anything that “goes against yourself.”  Lying, complaining, criticizing, not following through with your promises… all of these things stop your progression and harm your life. read more