Oh Divine Providence

I love those three words.  They resonate with my spirit.

And they contain a great communication lesson as well.


If I said… “Oh Allah”  i would appeal to Muslims and Muslims alone.

If I sad… “Oh Jesus” ‘ i would appeal to Christians and Christians alone.

Once upon a time someone asked Napoleon Hill…

“Dr. Hill, when you say ‘Infinite Intelligence’ are you talking about God?”

“Of course, I am” he said.

“But if I have students all over the world and so I want to use a phrase that they can all resonate with so I am able to serve them all and drive none away.”

  • Ambiguity
  • specificity

…2 tools we can all use with even more skill as we continue to use our words to create a better world

she just called me stupid…

True story.

I was just chatting back and forth with a new member in our Facebook group when all of sudden, she says to me…

“you suck at making conversation.”

She told me that she was annoyed that I would ask a question and then wait a day to respond.

She said… “I don’t make conversation like that.”

“If you want to have a conversation with me, wait until you’re ready to sit down and have the conversation.”

She basically wanted me to sit and wait for each response so I could respond immediately.

When I looked at the time it took for her to respond to my messages, the average was about an hour.

So apparently, she wanted me to sit at my computer for an hour and wait for her responses so I could respond immediately, versus responding during the time i have allotted for Facebook each day.

I was slightly annoyed and started to write a snarky response when I caught myself and wrote…

“No worries, wish you the best” – and then blocked her.

Her loss.

But here’s the point.

On our journeys to building the lives and incomes and businesses we want to build, it’s important to learn to recognize the difference between council and opinion.

Napoleon Hill taught that council is advice that comes from someone who’s been there, done that and has the trophy to prove it.

Those who’ve actually gone where we want to go and done what we want to do.

Opinion, on the other hand, is random nonsense…

Confusing, distracting and debilitating mind-noise that comes from every where else and guess what…

There’s WAYYYY more opinion than council out there.

Learning to recognize the difference is crucial to achieving what you want to achieve.

All the best,