‘Frugerity’ a new word, philosophy and model for making financial choices that lead to freedom

Last night I was on a mastermind and one of my great friends and business partners introduced me as one of the most frugal people he knows.

I was grateful for the compliment as I continued to listen to the mastermind and the more I listened and thought about this word, ‘frugal’, the more I realized that it doesn’t accurately describe the philosophy that our family has followed. read more

Some Things I’m Pumped About

So it’s Saturday morning and I woke up around 5:50, my mind racing and alive with ideas as I prepare for the gym.

One of my old friends, (Todd Young – a great networker), used to say there are 3 steps to success in business.

  1.  Get Excited
  2. Get excited
  3. Get excited!

I really love that advice and one of the things I LOVE about building a business from home is that, for the most part, if we’re doing things right, we get to live in a state of enthusiasm most of the time. read more

Finding Your Freedom Number

Freedom, as defined by Robert Kiyosaki in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, is when your passive income equals or surpasses your monthly expenses.

If you don’t know what your monthly expenses are, you will not be clear on the amount of passive income needed to reach your freedom day.

Freedom Day: That point in time when work becomes optional.  (What a glorious thought!) read more