How To Get More From Less – Top Leverage Points For Online Marketers

One of the big ideas I learned way back in the day, right after I’d just gotten started on the path to financial freedom, was that wealthy people think and act differently than others.

In the very first sales presentation, in the very first company I ever joined, there was a slide, that taught me one of the HUGE keys to think more like a wealthy person. You may have guessed from the title that this concept is “Leverage.” read more

The Light Filled Baseball Coach

A couple months ago, there was a moment at the end of the very last game of my son’s baseball season, where I saw something that made me “Get It,” and suddenly feel deeply, something magical in the game of baseball. I’ve watched MANY games, and it wasn’t until I saw this special collection of moments, arranged in a mystical way, that I understood what was really taking place in these events, as I watched them unfold. read more