The Dirty Truth About Opportunity

Sometimes I hear people trash talk others for promoting business opportunity.

Their rationale is that “real businesses” only promote products to customers and not ‘opportunity‘.

Well here’s (what some would call) the dirty truth about ‘opportunity’.

Everything most of us do is based around opportunity of one form or another.  

Employees usually go to work for the money.

Business owners usually start businesses for the opportunity to build an income.

People buy books, go to college and attend seminars because they perceive it will increase their chances of profiting from opportunity in the marketplace.

Businesses fill needs in the market and, if you’re paying attention, it’s pretty easy to see that the need for money is real.

For all of these reasons – I feel no shame in offering someone an opportunity to build an extra income for themselves, their family and their future.

Of course – real products with real value must be delivered in the transaction for me to feel good about the model.

And preferably, the customer gets MORE in use value than they pay in cash value with the purchase – at least that’s my goal with my business activities.

But I see nothing wrong with showcasing products in light of a business opportunity frame as long as the above criteria are met and – that the opportunity being presented is real and honest devoid of hype and unrealistic claims.

And one more dirty little secret.

I didn’t get into home business for the products.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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2 thoughts on “The Dirty Truth About Opportunity”

  1. Interesting points but I think maybe why people promote business opportunities by spamming links everywhere is they never really understand effective marketing strategies, or maybe they are desperate to earn money as quickly as possible. Sadly most will quit at some point like this!


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