Top 5 Email Follow Up Ideas That Convert Without Stress

Have you ever put off creating an email follow up series for months or YEARS simply because of the perceived pain of having to create some elaborate video series or tutorial?

C’mon, don’t lie. Tell the truth. I know you have. 

And how do I know?

Because I’m just like you. ha ha.

Making long, drawn out video tutorials is something that’s easy to dread, especially if you’ve ever done it before.

And, if you had the inner unconscious fear of some day having to go back and fix or re-create those follow up trainings, the dread worsens, right?

I recently discovered something that BLEW MY MIND.

One of my team members is currently sponsoring like 10 new reps per day. Since we’re working closely together, and he loves sharing things that work with me and the team, he let me have a peek inside his autoresponder series.

What I saw blew me away.

)There were absolutely ZERO tutorials, elaborate trainings or ANY of that in his follow up sequence. Not only is he signing up 10 new reps a day with this follow up series, he’s literally earning an astounding income.  

For me, that was a breath of fresh air.

I instantly knew that creating some super complex series of follow ups was NOT NECESSARY to have massive success building your home based business online.

SIDENOTE: My other team member Mike, has earned over just under 7 figures WITH NO EMAIL FOLLOW UPS in his autoresponder at all. (ha ha, way to go Mike!)

So, in this post I wanna share with you Top 5 Email Follow Up Ideas That Convert Without Stress.

It’s my hopes that these tips can help you get your follow up series together FAST so you can begin focusing more on places will have a BIGGER impact on your bottom line.

Tip 1: You Cannot Steer A Parked Car And God Cannot Guide An Anchored Ship

If you’re not generating leads in sufficient quantity, your follow up series matters, Zip, ZERO, NADA. I know I’ve been guilty of trying to optimize and get my follow up sequence just right, INSTEAD Of focusing more on producing leads.

It’s WAAAAAAAAAY better to have no follow ups and lots of lead flow – once your car is moving you can steer it, once your ship has left the harbor – God (or you) can guide it to a better direction.

Tip # one is all about encouraging you to just get something in place FAST, so you can focus more of your time & energy on lead generation. Once you have a high enough lead flow – you can test & tweak your follow up series to see what4 actually works. Make sense?


Listen to today’s Think And Grow Rich Show Here – “Imagination Into Riches” 


Tip 2: Blog daily

If you’re blogging daily, you have now have 1 updated, relevant, hot off the presses follow up to send to your list REGARDLESS of whether you have any email follow ups or not.

Keep calm, blog daily and focus more on getting leads. 😉

Tip 2: Give a gift or 2 – Share some value

Ok – now for the actual tips I got from looking inside the follow up series of a 7 figure earner.

The first email simply welcomed the subscriber, told a bit more of his story and why the subscriber might want to work with him and then – it directed them back to the sales video.

AFTER THAT, I noticed that he delivered VALUE in his next couple of emails.

What kind of value?

Well – one thing he did was to send out a copy of a free ebook – The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. You can download that or one of several others to use as free gifts here

Giving some value is important because you want to get the law of reciprocity working in your favor.

Another thing he did in the next email or so was to send a short video interview of him being interviewed by someone.  

Notice I said short…. The video was only like 10 or 15 minutes long.

In another email – he invited people to join his facebook group mastermind to get some free tips on building a profitable business from home.

Here are 3 simple ideas that you can model to give value without having to create some diatribe of a bootcamp or something like that.

The other thing that’s nice about keeping things short is that your content will be easily consumable.

People these days, for the most part, are living fast paced lifestyles and would probably PREFER to have things given to them in small time chunks.

I learned from another multiple 7 figure earner – Vick S (i can never spell his last name) – that when you deliver value in a video – only share 1 or 2 tips max. Not only does that keep it short, it also helps your student actually remember what you’re teaching them.

Tip 4: Encourage engagement

In a couple of the emails – there were calls to action to connect on facebook.

I think this is important because it lets your prospect know that you’re a real person and approachable.

If people know you’re only a facebook message away, they’ll probably be a LOT more likely to want to work with you because they’ll know they won’t be left in the internet dust, all alone and confused.

I remember Frank Kern (internet marketing legend) say one time that NOTHING will EVER convert like a one on one interaction.

SO – if you can engage your subscriber in an actual conversation (even if only via facebook), you can learn about their specific hopes, dreams and challenges and I’m guessing you’ll have a better chance at sponsoring, selling, recruiting (AKA – helping) them into whatever it is that you’re promoting.

Tip 5: At the end of your series have a STRONG invitation to join

The last couple steps in the 13 step sales formula that I learned in one of my company products, is urgency and scarcity.

After you’ve delivered value, built up some trust and done your best to make sure your prospect has been redirected to the sales video a few times – now is time to pour on the strong invitation to join.

You can do this in an email that offers time sensitive bonuses and or anything else you can put together that creates an irresistible offer.

So there you have my Top 5 Email Follow Up Ideas That Convert Without Stress.

Tip 1: You Cannot Steer A Parked Car And God Cannot Guide An Anchored Ship
Tip 2: Blog Daily
Tip 3: Give a gift or 2 – Share some value
Tip 4: Encourage engagement
Tip 5: At the end of your series have a STRONG invitation to join

Did you find value in these tips? Are you going to apply one or 2 of them? Do you have any others that have worked well for you in the past?

I’d LOVE to here your thoughts below.

You’re comments are my FAVORITE part of blogging.


Keep rocking!



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