Freedom Files #7 – Bad Social Media Etiquette, Vanity & Marketing Tips

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]This week’s edition of The Freedom Files comes to you in the form of a good old fashioned blog post.

Buckle up because this is going to hopefully be a quick but impactful read.

First things first.

I’ve noticed a good portion of my sales over the past few months coming form social media.  Specifically, facebook using the 4 step invite process I outline in my Online Recruiting Secrets ebook.

In fact, just this last week 2 new customers joined from invitations I had given them via facebook messenger.

(Welcome Anthony Williams and Gary Miller!)  WAHOO

As I’ve been going through the numbers and interacting with people via Facebook messenger, I’ve noticed an interesting behavior that I think is probably good to avoid, if you’d like to actually build relationships with people.

Here it is.

  • Not responding to people who send you messages.  

So here’s the situation.  You send a nice invitation to someone where you express some goodwill and ask them a question or 2.  The goal here is to see if they’re open and/or develop the relationship a little.

Facebook shows a little picture next to the message you send to let you know that they have seen your message.

So you know they’ve seen your message and they, for whatever reason, have not responded.

You give it a little time because you know people are busy and there could legitimately be a whole slew of good reasons for their ignoring (or postponing response) to your message.

A week or 2 later you send them another message.

Something like “Hey Joe, just wanted to check back in.  I know things are busy.  Did you get that last message I sent?”

Once again, Facebook tells you they have seen your message.

Once again, Crickets…

What gives?

Is this person a real friend?

Would you call one of your best friends, leave a message and never get a response?

That’s not my experience with relationship building.

I don’t really know what to make of this but feel if there are people on your friend’s list worth unfriending – these unresponsive people would be the best candidates.

The takeaway for me here is…

If someone sends me a message – do my best to acknowledge and respond.

The response doesn’t have to be a “Yes” or a “I will comply with your wishes.”

A simple response will suffice.

This says to the person that you acknowledge them and  care enough to reply back to their communication.

It think this goes a long way towards maintaining and even building relationship.

And if someone is unresponsive to your communication – is there really any point in staying connected?

I don’t know what it is about social media where sometimes it seems we can throw normal human interaction principles out the window.

And I guess you can, but not without consequence.

Personal Development Corner

Vanity, is our negative character attribute for the month.

Napoleon Hill writes that Vanity is a quality that repels rather than attracts.

We had some great discussion on this topic on yesterday’s TAGR mastermind which you can listen to here if you’d like.

The bottom line is this.

Vanity seems to be more concerned with “Me” than “We”.

It also seems to be over-inflated perception of oneself.

“Sound without substance.”

One of my friends Joe who has earned millions in home business likes the saying “An empty truck makes a lot of noise.”

If we can serve, be of value & put in the work for the sake of helping ourselves AND others – oftentimes that will speak volumes above what we could ever ‘say‘ about ourselves.

Mission and purpose above ego.

Still working on coming up with a good definition myself but these lines seem to provide some good clues and direction anyway.

What would be your definition of ‘Vanity’?  I’d love to hear below.

Marketing Corner 

Our book of the month this month, is a marketing book written by Dan Kennedy.

Here are a few great take aways.

  • There shall always be an offer

He writes that in EVERY communication as a business owner, there should always be an offer.

The offer shall be preferably of ‘The Godfather type.”  (I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse).  🙂

He writes that there are 2 types of offers,

  1. Direct to purchase offer
  2. Lead generation offer

He seems to be a fan of the lead gen offer because it captures more leads, gives the chance to cultivate a list and turn MORE prospects into buyers over time.

He mentions coining the term “Information First Marketing” which is the idea that whatever business you’re in, you should be an information marketer or in other words, offer helpful information to your prospect that…

  • Collects the lead
  • educates your prospect
  • Positions you as a trusted advisor
  • Pre-frames the purchase you want your prospects to make.

Of course these are all goals with the Online Recruiting Secrets eBook and Lead gen system I put together for helping Network Marketers and Direct Sales professionals market their businesses.

Just last week a great guy named David opted into the system, read the entire eBook, watched all the videos – got started in my business, and bought all of our products.

It was a beautiful example of how good marketing can serve the prospect, educate them and prepare them for the purchase in such a way that it just makes perfect sense and removes all resistance.

So grateful for Mentors like Dan Kennedy who’s teaching has filtered down into the Home Business profession and helped to make earning money from home so much more enjoyable.

So that’s it for this week my friend.

  1. Please strive to respond to people who reach out to you
  2. Work on replacing vanity and self aggrandizement with humble service and…
  3. Practice information first marketing as you build your business and grow your freedom.

What are your thoughts on these topics?  I’d sincerely love to hear them below.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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9 thoughts on “Freedom Files #7 – Bad Social Media Etiquette, Vanity & Marketing Tips”

  1. More EPIC stuff from the Freedom Files!!!!
    I can never understand why people don’t reply to conversations on chat – its all good, then like you said, crickets when following up. I get that even with inviting people onto my podcast, which I find weird as I’m not even selling them anything.
    Love your stuff broski!!!!!!

    • Thanks Alex! ha ha.. So glad i’m not the only one it happens to. MIsery loves company right? ha ha… We just keep pressing forward, wishing people the best and maybe unfriending a few along the way. 😉 Love ya man and so proud of you for where you’re at. You’re really building something amazing and have some great momentum going. Well done my friend! Well done.

  2. Hey Paul – Great topics. The first one really resonates with me. I always believe in the golden rule in every part of my life. As a musician, I do get comments from fans or listeners around the world and yes, I do respond to every message. To me, every person is special – so its a human and loving courtesy to reply. Same thing goes when someone contacts me through messenger wanting to share their business opportunity – I reply and always try to be receptive. One never knows, something that they are offering could be something I am looking for or something that could be of benefit to me. And if not, I still was receptive and replied and acknowledge their message. This is why I try to support other’s businesses, subscribe to their blogs, share an encouraging word – all this is through sharing and giving of love in all that I do. Keep on blessing others with your example Paul. 🙂

  3. You have never understood why they request information and then don’t respond to you after you try to follow up. Enjoy the article did pick up a few tips that may be putting to work here. Thanks for sharing


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