How To Get Your Point Across To Any Personality Type By Answering 4 Simple Questions

We all know that people across the world have different personality types.  We also know that each of these personality types learn and communicate differently.

Being in business, you need to know how to influence as many people as you possibly can in order to have the most success.

Here are some simple questions you can answer in each message you put out there, to be sure you are addressing, communicating with and influencing as many people as possible.

4 Personality Types

1.  Sales – make up 35% of the population-

2.  Scholastic –  make up 18% of the population

3.  Technical –  Make up 25% of the population

4.  Advocates/Marketers –  make up 20% of the population

Each of these 4 types has a different filter for learning.  If you address each type of filter your going to reach your audience much more effectively.

So here we go.

The Sales personality always asks the question “why?”  They want to know benefits.

What are the personal benefits to using the product?

They want to know that this product will give them xyz benefit like saving them time or money… making them more attractive, effective, etc.  The key here is answering the question “why should they buy this product?”

The scholastic type wants to know “what for?”  They are looking for the purpose in which this product will be used.

They want to know which applications it can be used and what benefits this product will provide in those different situations.  They want to know the practical end result.

Now for the Technical.  This won’t take much explanation as I’m sure you’ve met an analytical person before.  Technicals always want to know “How?”  They need to know the facts and the science behind the product.  They want data.  Be careful in your message to include just enough data to satisfy the techical and not overwhelm the other personality types with “boring” stuff.

Finally, the advocate or the marketer.

These folks are the dreamers.  They like to think outside the box and ask “What if?”  They want to know all the creative ways this product can be used outside of the normal application.  They like to stretch their imaginations and come up with solutions that haven’t been thought of before.  In your message, you can address these folks simply by including some “out of the norm” uses or applications.

In Conclusion

Just remember to answer the 4 questions in each message you put out there and you’ll be fine.

1.  Why?

2.  What for?

3.  How?

4.  What if?

Were these tips helpful?  I’d love to hear down below.


PS – These marketing tips are based off of a training I attended from the co-founder of Traffic Geyser, Mike Koenigs.

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