Intolerance is like a painful knot in the chest.

It’s tense, stubborn and uncomfortable like a heartburn that just won’t quit.

The irony is, the cure for causing it to melt away is with us all along.

Relax, release, let it go, let it be.

Intolerance is not satisfied with the truth until it’s name is signed across the cover in big bold letters.

Intolerance is not happy with a friend unless the friend is dominated.

How sad.

Relax, releaselet it golet it be.

The only defense the truth needs is from the lies you tell yourself that keep you from it.

Others can find their own way.

Friends don’t need domination, correction and judgement,

… they need love.

Friendship and peace,

Or enemies and disharmony?


Relax, releaselet it golet it be.