Kyson’s Cash Collecting Class

I’m so excited and inspired by something that happened in my family yesterday.

Kyson, my 10 year old, had saved up to by a cotton candy machine.

Yesterday, before his older brothers baseball game, he spent some time making 9 bags of cotton candy so he could bring them all, along with the sign “Kyson’s Cool Cotton Candy” that he and his mother had made.

We got to the game and he set up shop.

A little time went by and no one was buying.

His mom wondered if we should have his little brother grab a bag so he could walk around and eat it in front of people, sort of as an advertisement.

While we were sitting there waiting, Kashton (his little bro) said – I feel sorry for Kyson, no one is buying.

I told Kashton “Don’t feel sorry for him. This is business and patience and persistence are part of business.”

Then, we heard a little girl asking her parents, who were sitting next to us, if she could have some money to buy a bag.

Her folks asked, “How much is it?”

“$3, she replied.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” they said.

My wife wondered if we should tell Kyson to lower his prices.

Then, I turned around to see what was happening at his stand, and LO, a little girl was there making a purchase.

As the girl walked back to the bleachers, I noticed her jump up in the air and kick her legs because she was so excited to have a bag of cotton candy.

It made me smile so big inside, to know that Kyson had made his first sale AND that his customer was so happy she literally jumped up into the air for joy.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

No where close.

As things progressed, Kyson had more success than we could have imagined and along with that success, were some priceless cash collecting secrets mixed in for good measure.

Feel free to click play on the audio below to hear the rest of the story.

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