The Mark of Good Business

Although there are many ancillary purposes and benefits to business, the primary mark persists like an eternal constant.

To serve customers. 

In network marketing & similar types of home businesses, this can easily get lost in the noise.

Maybe this can be partially justified with the argument that some of our “customers” come to us with the desire to build an income.

Nonetheless, the fact remains.

Customers are those brothers and sisters in the human family who pay money for the goods and services you present to them.

A great sales person can entice others to pay money for anything, even air.

I once saw a man sell a 50 cent pen from stage for $1,000.

But here’s the big question.

Will the customer continue to pay for for the product or service, after the salesperson is gone?

If you want to earn some quick cash, a product that sells will do.

If you want to build something that lasts,  a product that serves, is the mark we’re looking for.

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