Notes On God

Last week, I received a touching, heartfelt & personal email from a friend & subscriber, who was confiding in me, some perceived challenges, around faith, & being able to feel the love of God.   

My heart prompted me to record a video response for this person, sharing some of my personal notes on God.  This is an audio recording of that video, minus the private info that was shared with me.   

I’m sharing this in the hopes that there might be something here that can help you increase in faith, or see and sense more of God’s love in your life, so you can potentially move forward in more new and powerful ways. 

All the best,


4 thoughts on “Notes On God”

  1. Thanks for sharing paul. Your message touched me 🤣…. Inside HBA Premium joke.

    But for real what you said in your audio I too can relate. I now have 6 kids and I do my best to give them the love I missed out on as a kid. Being a father is not easy but it is very rewarding. We get back 10x what we give to them. I think for every hug I give my kids they give me 10 back… it’s awesome 👍

    • ha ha.. YOu’re so funny Tyson.. I’m happy to touch you anytime.. Bwa ha hw.. .Not in that way silly! So inspired by your example as a dad. So right.. definitely not easy.. but super rewarding.. Thanks for sharing your experience.. Keep giving those hugs! Like you said, the return is multiplied!


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