You Don’t Belong

My son Camden is 12 and one of 4 boys in our family.

One of the things I’ve noticed in him is a great desire to be included with and approved of by his older brother.

We just finished up a week long camping trip and one of the most memorable moments was when, one evening, his older brother came to inform him that they had moved Camden’s stuff out of the tent they had been sleeping in to make room for a cousin who had just arrived to the reunion. read more

The Truth About The News

It’s not all bad, but much of it is.

Here are 2 acronyms for the N.E.W.S that I find, helps to describe it in a mostly, accurate way.

Negative Energy Warping Society 

Negative Emotional Warfare System 

The former, from me, the latter from my wife Corene.

Everyone has an agenda, the question is – are you spending most of your time wrapped up in someone else’s story, or in creating your own? read more

A Quality Most Admired

‘Grief is such a beautiful, wild beast.” -Amy Starr Allen

Today we said ‘Godspeed’ to our Grandpa, Great grandpa, Father, neighbor and friend.

Although there were many aspects of my Grandpa’s character to aspire to, one of the things people seemed to admire most was the faith he had.

My cousin Cylee told me a tender story of when she was visiting my grandma Carol just before she died. read more