📌 6 Keys 🔑 For Creating Magnetic Content..

#JimRohn said, “You get paid💸 for bringing value to the marketplace.”

You hear leaders say it all the time.

Deliver value, deliver value, deliver value!


(Hint: pitch, pitch, pitch is NOT value)

Value is when 2 people come together and at least one of them leaves feeling better, more uplifted, smarter, more inspired for the interaction. read more

He Made Me Proud

A few days ago I sat all 4 of my boys down one night before bed and talked to them a little about discipline.

I took out a blank sheet of paper and on the left side, drew a frownie face – and on the right side drew a happy face.

I asked them – “What does it take during the course of a day – to move from frownie to smiley? read more