The Capture Page Conversion Conundrum (Controversial)

Can a high converting capture page be more of a blessing than a curse?

In this video – I share how chasing a high converting lead capture could actually be HURTING your business – versus helping it.

What I share may be controversial – BUT – I encourage you to listen to the points I share to see if I make some sense that can be applied to your business.

I also share a simple question you can ask yourself to help guide you in creating your perfect lead capture page.

2 thoughts on “The Capture Page Conversion Conundrum (Controversial)”

  1. I understand what your saying.

    I still wouldn’t advise not using a capture page. Or atleast I was taught to make one.

    • Hey Caleb! Yes DEFINITELY use a capture page… Just don’t obsess over a conversion rate… Focus more on making the message accurate and attractive – then go to work driving as much traffic to it as you can while converting those leads into sales.


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