The Soul Intention

Have you ever had that friend, who connects with you every so often, that when they do, you know the real reason their connecting is to sell you on their latest venture?

Or how about that book, that on every other page has a pitch for an event, or some thread of hidden agenda that continues to pop up throughout the content?

How did that make you feel or respond to the one with the ulterior motive?

On the flip side, have you ever read a blog, watched a video, or spoken with a friend who you could tell, sincerely loved you and wanted to help you without expectation of turning you into a sale?

And how did that make you feel or respond?

The purpose of a blog is not to make a sale.

The purpose of a blog is to add value to the readers.

The same can be said of all the content you create to attract the right one’s to your business.

If your soul purpose is pure, the right one’s will feel it and respond with trust.

And over time, that can indeed, turn into sales.