The Worst Motivation Strategy

Throughout my 10+ years building income from home via network marketing and affiliate marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to exist in multiple different cultures and be touched by various types of leadership strategies.

One thing I noticed, is that there are ways to motivate myself and those around me that seem to feel good, and others that don’t.

I’ve also noticed that some of these ways work well short term, and fall flat, long term.

Here’s a very common strategy for group motivation that I’m not a fan of.

(Josh explains it’s opposite in this 60 second video better than anything I could write)


The ways and means this is done, are very subtle, and oftentimes, most people don’t even notice it’s happening.

Here’s how people can be subtly shamed into feeling like they’re not good enough, with the underlying intention of making them do more.

  • Ranks and statuses
  • Leaderboards
  • Overpromotion and emphasis on ‘Top Leaders (AKA – producers)’ for training and leadership
  • Special seating for top producers at events
  • Special access tickets to events where you can buy your way into hanging out with the ‘special‘ people

All of these strategies, when done in the wrong way, can create a sense of ‘less than’, ‘more than’ within a community.

If people feel ‘less than‘ they’ll often work their butts off to feel ‘more worthy‘, which is the motivational point.

“I’m not good enough so I need to punish myself physically, emotionally and psychologically so I can someday, feel good about who I am.”

I call BULL on this.

Just in case no one has told you lately, let me say it…

You ARE good enough, just the way you are.

You ARE valuable, just the way you are.

You MATTER, just the way you are.

Of course, we all have things to do and ways to grow that make life more profitable, fun, meaningful and worthwhile.

But it seems to me that we’ll be MUCH more successful in those endeavors, starting from a place of worth, love and value.

A HUGE part of being able to create success both now and in the future, is getting to a place where you feel happy, confident, enough and thankful for who you are, as a person, right now.

Feeling ‘less than‘ doesn’t feel so good… and if you’re in a group of people who are constantly making you feel ‘not so good’, what are the odds you’ll love that place enough to stay long term, through all the ups and downs of business?

My guess -> not very high.

This is bad for people, and bad for residual income.

So if we want to help people win, long term, it’s important to create an environment where people feel loved, lifted, valued, respected and served – NO MATTER THE RESULTS.

This can be tricky, because it’s also true that people deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

So the question becomes,

…can you recognize people in your community, in a way where they are celebrated, and that through the process of celebrating them, you’re not making anyone else in the group feel ‘less than’ or ‘not good enough’.

I think the answer is yes.

And this, in my opinion, is a much better long term motivational strategy.

I believe the BEST motivation comes from within, and not from without.

If you do things because you want to do them, you’ll run farther and faster…

…jump higher and stronger…

…serve longer and deeper…

Than you would, being whipped with ‘have to.’

If you’re looking to build an income in a community that supports this philosophy, this might be a perfect fit for you.

And if you’re leading a team elsewhere, I’d love to invite you to consider what’s been said in this post.

Odds are you’re already doing all you can to lift people up versus push them down.

And odds are you’re already inspiring them with your example, versus hitting them with sticks.

So I’ll just say “Keep up the great work” and “This is the way.”

Love ya,

Paul Hutchings & Crew

PS – Even celebrities struggle with feeling like they’re not enough. Here’s a song Andy Grammar wrote to himself, to help him deal with these feelings.

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