Top 5 Tips For Attracting More Business

I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips for attracting more customers, reps, money and freedom.

First, a quick note about attraction.

It seems like there are 2 ways to build a business and make no mistake about it, both of them work. The question though, that most people fail to ask, is – is one of them preferable to the other?

Maybe it’s not just a question of “Will it work” but more so of “Will it work AND is it something that I want to do?”

The 2 ways to get business and get money are push versus pull marketing.

Push, is something we probably ALL do in the beginning because, when we’re just getting started we have less success.

Success is attractive and if we don’t have much of it – we naturally tend to rely on pushing our message out into the market place.

I believe, even when you’re just getting started – and don’t have lots of success yet, there are still ways to be more attractive with your “push marketing”.

Here are some scripts you can use that are not pushy, and therefore can be perceived as being more attractive if you’re still in the phase of your business where you’re reaching out and contacting people.

At the end of the day, we all want to build our businesses, get money and help LOTS of people in ways that are fun, and attractive though so ULTIMATELY no matter where you’re at in your business, learning how to ATTRACT is something i believe we ALL want to pay some attention to.

Here are my top 5 tips for attracting more business.

Tip 1 – Hone in on an an attractive message that resonates with your market

When I first got started marketing my network marketing business online back in 2009, one of my first videos was all about how you could use the internet to get leads, sponsor and recruit strangers instead of calling your friends and family.

For anyone who’s been in network marketing before, not having to call friends and family, and face the rejection and ridicule that sometimes comes from that is a message sent straight from heaven.

An attractive message is one great way to attract more people to you.

In the marketing world, this is known as Message to market match. Knowing your market, their core problems and desires and then crafting a message that is a match for them.

Using the phone and the internet, I built 2 six figure incomes in 2 different companies and you can learn all about exactly how I did it here in The Home Business Academy.

Lemme ask you though, can this message become even more attractive?

The answer of course, is YES.

In the beginning of your business – you just want to sponsor people period, and you don’t really care how you do it.

After learning to sponsor lots of people on the phone, phone prospecting can get a little bit old.

The next level of attraction in relation to message for the home business niche, is sponsoring on autopilot.

Pretty attractive message right?

The point here, is to become more attractive to your market, identify what they want, and craft a message that matches their core desires.

BOOM – You’ll attract leads, customers and sales like crazy. 

Tip 2 – Don’t say and share everything you do, or anything that comes to mind.

I notice some of my team members will post anything and everything that crosses their mind on social media.

If everything you think, say or do is attractive – then maybe this is no problem.

For me, the challenge is the fact that I’m human and therefore I’m just not always saying, thinking and doing attractive things.

The nice thing about marketing, is that you can control the perception that people have us in the marketplace.

Big companies call this public relations, or image management.

This doesn’t mean we lie or paint pictures that are not true, it just means we are selective about what we put out into the market place.

Make sure pics, videos and posts paint an attractive image of you in the minds of your prospects. Take some time to post images that have prosperous backgrounds, that are sharp and crisp and clear, etc… versus the alternative.

Tip 3 – Promote Yourself

This is one I’ve had a problem with in the past because humility is a quality that I’ve come to value. Here’s the problem with too much humility.

People are attracted to success and results. If you wait and wait and wait for someone to come along and tell people what you’ve done, you could be waiting for a long time.

To be more attractive, we need to learn how to artfully weave our success into the narrative we put out into the marketplace.

The more results, success and freedom we have – the more attractive we’ll be.

Tip 4 – Increase your lead flow

The more people you have looking at your business and joining your team, the more scarce your time becomes.

Scarcity of something valuable ALWAYS increases value.

Set a goal to generate 50 – 100 or more leads per day and as people join your business in droves – i PROMISE you – you will become more attractive to your marketplace.

Tip 5 – Associate with other successful people and get pics and videos with them.

Not only can networking with the right people GREATLY increase your knowledge, motivation and connections, it can raise people’s perception of your value to the market place.

Think about it. If your prospects saw you standing with your arm around Donald Trump or Robert Kiysaki,  or Bob Proctor what would they think of you.


Probably – “Wow, that guy or gal is a mover and a shaker”

You literally would not have to say a word.

Just let people see you with other successful people and they will begin to perceive you as successful too.

This is a key reason why it’s important to attend events where successful people are gathering.

So there you have my top 5 tips on becoming more attractive to your market place.

Tip 1 – Hone in on an an attractive message that resonates with your market
Tip 2 – Don’t say and share everything you do, or anything that comes to mind.
Tip 3 – Promote Yourself
Tip 4 – Increase your lead flow
Tip 5 – Associate with other successful people and get pics and videos with them.

Do you have some that I missed? Please share them below.

Did you get value from this post? I LIVE for your feedback. Please drop me a line down in the comment section.


Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips For Attracting More Business”

  1. Absolute Gold right here Paul. I have tasked myself with the job of showing my “Family and colleagues from Africa” that they dont have to hype anything. And they dont have to badger anyone! Attracting more business is all in the right packaging,and how you are perceived by your target audience. How you present yourself is how you will be taken in the long run. Being open without baring all is an art. Hanging out with the right crowd is key…it has been known to determine one’s fortune. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Julie! It’s a great and noble mission you’ve undertaken.. 😉 YES! The right packaging is everything..

      And for sure, being open without baring all IS an art. 🙂

      Thanks for the great comment.

  2. awesome stuff Paul, I’m glad you mentioned about not sharing everything, because I don’t and wondered if that was the way to go… 🙂


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