The Weakest Form of Influence

The other day a friend asked on Facebook, “What’s your take on income screen shots?”

No doubt, establishing credibility (showing your audience you can do that which they want you to teach them how to do), can be helpful.

Income screenshots are 1 of the ways to do this, there are others.

Here’s the thing though.

I wonder if it’s not the weakest form of influence.

As we grow, it seems to become more important for us to follow people because of who they are vs. what they have.

So – using only money to influence, might not attract our best alliances.

Additionally, if your influence is based solely on how much money you’re earning – what happens when the income fluctuates?

You either lie or lose your influence.

Lastly, I don’t think it’s as necessary as we in home business tend to think it is.

You can look at some of the greatest leaders throughout history, and notice that their influence was based more on their vision, and value than on their bank accounts.