The royal Egyptian library of Alexandria is said to have been one of the largest libraries of the ancient world containing anywhere from 40,000 to 400,000 ancient scrolls compiled from 300 BC to 30 BC.

A gathering place and repository for all the ancient knowledge of humanity up to that point.

When ships would come into the harbor, the books aboard were immediately taken to the library to be copied.

The mind wonders like eyes gazing into a starry night sky when it endeavors to ponder what stories, lessons, wisdom, insights and history may have been found in it’s collection prior to it’s fiery destruction.

Indeed, the burning of the library of Alexandria was a great historic tragedy, and has come to symbolize a loss of cultural knowledge.

But what about the man or woman who in today’s information age, has all the knowledge of the world available for free at the push of the button, or the turn of a page, and yet refuses to push or turn?

Is this not too somewhat of an ironic tragedy?

A symbolic burning, without even lighting a match?