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Dec, 1st, 2014

Hey there my friend,

Welcome to my blog.

I’m so grateful that you clicked on this page to learn a little bit about me.

Nice to meet you! :-)

If there’s one thing that I hope you’ll get from reading my story, it’s this great truth…

“You may not choose where you start, but you can certainly choose where you’ll finish”

I was raised in a little farming community in Southeast Idaho called Blackfoot.

(I still live here)

When I was 8 years old, my dad left my family.

Fortunately, my Mom is an AMAZING woman.

She knows how to fight on in the face of adversity.

When she was a little girl, she contracted scarlet fever and lost her hearing.

She learned how to read lips to communicate.

My dad leaving, put my family in a rough spot.

My mom was jobless at the time and hearing impaired which meant she couldn’t talk on the phone.

To make matters worse, she had a house payment, a car payment and 2 kids to support.

Someone told me once, there’s a difference between being broke and ‘broken’.

My mom understood this to her core and absolutely REFUSED to be broken.

She went to a trade school, got a job, and somehow,

…some way,

on a close to minimum wage salary, managed to provide a living for my sister and I.

It was truly a miracle and my mom taught me something that I’ll never forget.

When life beats you down, you get up and keep fighting.

Even though we didn’t have much money, we were rich in love.

For some reason, my Mom always believed I could do anything and I think that transferred over to helping me to believe in myself.

and that’s big lesson #2 in life and business.

I think my 7 year old son Kayden said it best…


Whatever you do, believe in you:-)

I’ll always be grateful to my Mom for rising to the challenge and refusing to be broken, even though she had every reason to quit.

I was taught growing up that in order to have a happy life, the formula was…

1) Go to School

2) Get a good job

3) Live happily ever after.

I found out for myself — that plan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

My first job out of college was in a call center working for $11.09 an hour.

This is what my $40,000 college education got me?


While I was discovering the joys of working in the Corporate world, I met and fell in love with my sweetheart, Corene.

Somehow, I convinced her that I was the guy for her.

(Maybe I can sell. ) ūüėČ

We got married.

Kind of a funny story with this picture.

We’d just gotten married and we were having pictures taken.

I pulled out some breath spray and said…

“Honey, you need some breath spray”


…I shot her in the face with it. ¬†(ha ha)

Not the wisest move to make on your wedding day but hey, it was the first day on the job and I’ve learned a bit since then. :-)

Because we were just married and didn’t have a lot of money, we decided to buy a single wide trailer-house to start our family in.

My grandpa had some land, and we figured this would be a great place for a young couple to get started.

Here’s a pic of that home.

It really was a great place to start our little family.

It allowed us to stay out of debt and gave us some flexibility to be able to pursue our dreams.

So there I was, newly married, living in a trailer, working at this job trying to make a good start in life.

One day, my boss comes to me and says ‘Paul, we need you to fly down to Phoenix and help with a company meeting this weekend’.

I say…

“Well boss, it’s my 1st year wedding anniversary this weekend, do you mind if I check with my wife first?”

He says ‘go ahead’.

So, I reluctantly tell my wife about the company assignment.

Even though we both want to spend our first wedding anniversary together, we agree that it’s probably best to go.

I fly down to Phoenix, do the meeting and celebrate my anniversary over the phone from a steakhouse where I was eating dinner…


6 months later, I’m in my review and my boss says..

“Paul, you’re doing good in many places but we’re concerned about your commitment to the company”.

With a little bit of surprise, I ask him…

“Why’s that?”


he says…

“When we asked you to go to phoenix, you hesitated, and that makes us wonder about your loyalty.”

That’s when I said…

Uh uh!

NOT for me.

I REFUSE to put up with this for the rest of my life.

I’m committed to my family

I decided that somehow, some way, I was gonna be free.

In comes Network Marketing

12 months in, many meetings, flyers and conference calls later…

… No money.

My company gets shut down by the state government of Utah.

One of the founders goes to jail.

I could have quit.

I didn’t.


Because when life beats you down, you get up and keep fighting.

Moved on to company 2.

I’ll spare you all the details and just give you the short version.

Company 3,

company 4,

company 5,

company 14…

You get the picture.

In those early years, I had a lot of ups and downs.

(mostly downs)

But one of the things I learned is that those ‘downs‘ were really ‘ups‘ because they were teaching me lessons along the way.

Lessons, I couldn’t have learned in any other way.

Later, I realized, that’ it’s OK to lose,

…as long as you don’t lose the lesson too.

My major breakthrough came in 2010.

I’d quit my job and we were still living in the trailer.

My family was depending on me to provide and things weren’t working.

After I quit my job, my network marketing income actually plummeted.

(Not what I was expecting)  

One day, my wife comes home from the doctors office in tears.

We had just had our 3rd son, Kyson,

She’d just taken him to his 2 week check up.

She cried in my arms & told me that Kyson had a condition called Craniosynostosis.

The bones in his head were prematurely fused together.

He needed a $50,000 surgery down at primary children’s hospital.

Needless to say, I was at rock bottom.

My mom had taught me that ‘when life beats you down you get back up keep fighting’

…but it felt like I’d¬†BEEN fighting and it STILL wasn’t working.

What do to?

One night, after tucking my 2 oldest boys into bed and reading them their bedtime stories…

… I stayed in their room & watched them drift off to sleep.

As they lay there sleeping, I started to cry because I felt like I was failing as a father and a provider.

I didn’t know what else to do.


… I knelt down beside their bed, and I prayed.

What happened next, I can only describe as a miracle.

I had a strange impression to study a book.

You may have heard of it.

It’s called, Think And Grow Rich.

As I studied this book and did my best to actually apply what it taught, I started to see magic in my business.

One of many powerful concepts taught in that book is the importance of acquiring “Specialized Knowledge”.

It was right about then when I  discovered that you could use the internet to attract new customers and business partners in unlimited and never-ending supply.

This was such a breath of fresh air to me because,

I was absolutely sick and tired of calling friends and family,


…………..and again

…………………………..and again,

…to try to get them to ¬†join my business.

So, armed with these 2 secret weapons,

1) Mindset gained from studying Think And Grow Rich


2) Skillset – Lead generation through the internet

I began to sponsor mind-blowing numbers of customers and distributors into my business.

Within 6 months, I was a top recruiter in my company.

I finally had the income I so desperately needed to support my family.

Within 12 months I hit my first $3,000 a month.

(this was a goal I’d been after for 5 YEARS)

18 months later, I got my first BIG check.

*Not a guarantee of income.  Results will vary.  See average earnings disclosure with your company.


I’ll never forget the day I got this check.

I was still living in the trailer, and I literally started to cry,

…I was so happy.

That was my first big breakthrough and from there the income has continued to rise.


  *Not a guarantee of income.  Results will vary.  See average earnings disclosure with your company.


Now, I get to travel the world and share my story & success tips with people.

I finally get to take my wife, Corene, on some of the vacations she’s always wanted to go on.

This last year, was an amazing year for my family.

We purchased our dream home in the country on 6 acres of land & thanks to our home business, we were able to pay off the mortgage!

This has been one of our dreams for a looooooong time and I’m so grateful to have finally achieved it.

Was it easy?

This is the part, where —-> as a marketer, I guess I should be telling you that YES,

…you can do exactly what I did with 3 easy steps.

The truth is…

….I’m so sick of all the marketing hype.

I’m just going to tell you the truth.

It was worth it.

… and yes it was easy, compared to the alternative. :-)

Working all my life at a job I despised,

….making less than I wanted,

…………..having to ask permission to go on vacation or spend time with my wife on our anniversary,

Even having to ask for permission to go to the bathroom!

YES, it was easy compared to THAT!

But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take a lot of personal effort.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take a LOT Of persisting when I felt like quitting.

Id’ be lying if I said I wasn’t challenged and tested, sometimes to the very depths of my soul.

But, it was worth it.

No question.

And my belief is, it’ll be worth it for you too.

And my hope is, that I can help you make it.

My wish is, that I can make the road a little less rocky for you.

My prayer is, that I can inspire you to keep on keeping on, and empower you to achieve your goals & dreams.

Because they’re worth it.

If I can help you in any way, my friend —> Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I recommend you go through my boot camp training.

I’ve really dumped my heart and soul into it and if you’re serious about duplicating my results, it can help.

I believe that better things are waiting for you


If I can help you along your journey… I’d love to do that.

Thanks for reading & whatever you do,

Never give up on your dreams,

Paul Hutchings & Family


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