It seems that everyone (and their dog) happens to be pitching LeadNetPro right now.

Even though I use the product (and love it) you may be SHOCKED to hear that I do NOT believe it’s for everyone.

This Leadnetpro review will show you what this product can do and help you decide if it’s going to be a benefit to you or just a big waste of money.

What is LeadNetPro?

Lead net pro is an online software package that will scrape the internet (google, Yahoo and online directories like Craigslist, Backpage and Merchant Circle) for emails and phone numbers that are associated with a particular keyword that you want to target.

For instance, as a network marketer, one of the BEST target markets is other network marketers.  Why not scour the internet for keywords like prepaid legal, xango and/or monavie?

The software works PERFECTLY for this type of target marketing.  What’s AMAZING is the speed at which this software retrieves results.  Most of the time, I can get a list of emails and phone numbers in about 5 to 10 seconds.  I means seriously, it’s LIGHTNING fast!

What To Do With LeadNetPro Leads

Now, this is where you need to determine if the program is for you.

If you are expecting to scrape the data, push a button and build a downline, you’re SORELY mistaken my friend.

Yes the software will bring back the emails & phone numbers but they will be absolutely WORTHLESS to you if you don’t know how to market properly to these people.

Yes, LeadNetPro comes with a mailer and a voice broadcast system.  Yes there is training on how to use both and even what kind of things to say when you broadcast to the leads.

But here’s the thing, you MUST be committed to learning how to market and build relationships with people.

If you lack these skills (and are not willing to take a little bit of time to learn them)… keep your money.  LeadNetPro is NOT for you.

Seriously my friend, if you are looking at LeadNetPro, hoping it will be that “1 Hit Wonder” you’ve been waiting for all your life… You’re going to waste your money in purchasing this program.

Those that are really knocking em dead with this program know how to market and they know how to communicate with people.

The good news is, these skills CAN be learned if you’re committed.  If you’re not committed to long term success, keep your $397 bucks and stick with handing out resumes and sweating through job interviews.

LeadNetPro Review Conclusion

This product solves one of the biggest problems facing network marketers and newbie online marketers alike.

If you’re a network marketer, you need people to talk to NOW!  If you’re a newbie internet marketer, you need traffic in order to find people to talk to and learning how to drive traffic takes time.

(It took me 6 months before had enough traffic to be consistently recruiting and supporting my family through my internet marketing).

The bottom line here is that if you are committed to being successful with your home business, LeadNetPro is an essential tool.

It works great, the training is Top Notch, and never will you find a more powerful tool for INSTANT leads.

Just be sure that you are ready to learn how to use the LeadNetPro properly before you begin to see those leads turn into dollars signs on your bank statement.

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