ATTN Herblife Reps – Critical Warning… Read This Now!

Herblife is a legitimate company with good products and a great history in the market place.

So what’s the big deal?  What is the “URGENT WARNING” that I’m so intent on getting to you as a current or potential herbalife distributor?

Here it is.

If you are going to invest time, effort and heart building an herblife business that’s supposed to last you a lifetime… wouldn’t you want to know if there was a chance that all that could be taken from you down the road?

The Problem With Herblife And Many Other MLM Companies – “Freedom Isn’t Free”

You may have heard the phrase “absolute power, corrupts absolutely”. Well just what does that mean? It means that when human beings get into positions of power, they tend to lose sight of right/wrong.

Let’s get this straight, I’m not accusing Herblife of being in this state but they very well could be.

Let me tell you a story.

A few months ago, I enrolled as a customer into a large, well established health and wellness company to help out a friend. I had no intention of building a business.

After a few months of orders, I canceled. I only enrolled to help my friend qualify for her quota.

I went along with my life and business as usual.

Imagine my surprise last week when I received a letter from that companies legal department, telling me that I may have sent out “linked in” invitations to some of their customers.

They reminded me that I had signed a contract stating that at no time in the next 12 months could I (or any members of my immediate family) do business with any customers from that company.

What if my brother was a member of that company. Do you realize that per their policy, I could not approach my brother about opening up a car lot or starting a brick and mortar company?

So the problem, my friend, is that when you build a network marketing business, whether it’s with Herbalife or any other network marketing company, you have to understand 1 thing.

You do not own your business. The company owns your business.

For the entire course of your career with this company, you will be subject to their policies, procedures and whims.

If they decide they want to cancel your distributorship… they can.

And there won’t be much you can do about it even if you are in the right because they have more money to fight in court than you have.

The Herblife Solution

Now, network marketing is truly a great business model and can generate life changing financial freedom.

You just need to know how to work around the potential problems that could arise at herblife down the road for you business.

Are you ready to own your business instead of having Herbalife own all your hard work and dedication?

You need to learn how to build your own company first and attract customers to you before introducing them to herblife.

This can ensure that all of your customers remain YOUR customers and not the property of herblife.

In addition to protecting you from potential corruption and disaster down the road, you’ll make more money, recruit higher quality partners and keep your freedom.

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